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Treating Sexual Trauma/Abuse



Who can benefit?

Survivors of 

  • domestic violence
  • rape
  • office sexual abuse
  • family sexual abuse

Dorothy Rodwell, LMFT

 Dorothy is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified practitioner of clinical hypnosis with Rapid Trauma Resolution since 2010.  This is the work of Dr. Jon Connelly.  

Dorothy specializes in this work.

Treatment Method



This holistic method of treament, developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, clears the subconscious, emotional part of the mind and gets it to respond so that desired change is possible. This is done in a gentle, humorous way using purposeful communication, metaphors, symbols and playful banter.

Traditional approaches to trauma treatment require the client to experience painful emotions while reliving the trauma.  This method is painless.


There is no psychological testing or prescribing of medications.



The Responsive Subconscious

Have you been to a movie and laughed outloud?  Or cried at a sad moment?

If you have, you knew that the scenario was not really happening but your response happened anyway.  That is the subconscious mind that operate out of awareness (automatically).

Your responsiveness is used to promote sexual trauma/abuse healing that is lasting.


Typically 3 Sessions Are Recommended

This is a brief therapy and in the first session you can expect to go into the process.  The two follow up sessions complete the process and make any adjustments needed for you to live with optimal energy, the way you wish .    

Three sessions = $300.00.

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